Wayward #5 Review

There are so many excellent releases this week, so should you still bother with Wayward? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


The first story arc ends. Revelation and sacrifice.

Wayward 5_BOh what an issue! The creative team continues to fire on all cylinders in an indie comic that deserves a place on your pull-list. Granted this outing didn’t spend a lot of time getting into the nitty gritty of our primary cast’s motivations but it jumped head first into the action and after four issues of build-up who can complain about that?

Jim Zub handles the text and the author proves that Wayward is a vibrant property. In the first few issues we’ve been introduced to the world of our fish out of water, Rori Lane, as she attempts to acclimate to a new environment. With a distinctive supernatural tint involving ghosts, demons and cats the title carries a sense of purpose that matches its context. What we get this month is an entry that’s fast paced and to the point, especially as it drops important narrative nuggets in an arc ender that’s bound to turn heads.

The pages handed in by Steve Cummings continue to be a strong source of legitimacy. I’ll be frank if there were no words to convey the journey of our cast I’d still buy into this comic book just to stare at the panel work. Each character is rendered with precision in a way that emulates the best attributes of both East and West art. And when the action and enemies get a bit more monstrous the talent finds a way to meld it to what we already know. And the colors by Tamra Bonvillain go a long way in solidifying that fact.

Wayward #5 is without a doubt a gem that needs to be unearthed by many curious fanboys and fangirls. This outing does lack depth but the creative team maintains their own established level of quality as they sprint toward a turning point. It’s weird, fun, dramatic and full of personality as it earns a recommendation from me.

  • + The scripts ebbs and flows with personality.
  • + Excellent art by Steve Cummings.
  • + Offers insight into what Rori is.
  • - Lacks narrative depth...

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