A Voice in the Dark #6 Review

Is this book a slice of the good stuff? Or just an unnecessary addition to an already full pull-list? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


With Zoey plotting murder once again, she needs to get close to her prey and learn all she can. That means going undercover to the Sorority Halloween party. But is Zoey the only killer in costume?

A Voice in the Dark 6_Preview PageThis has got to be one of the more lengthy titles I cover for UTF, but somehow the creator successfully finds a way to keep the whole thing moody yet entertaining. He never steers our focus away in an unnecessary bait and switch, but instead trusts his audience enough to go on this bumpy ride with this up and coming killer.

Larime Taylor pens the script and he takes our lead down a dark path. Zoey Aarons has been dealing with her urges but now it seems as if she’s about to succumb to them. Personally the people she’s targeted are perfect for the execution. You’ll find yourself on this journey with her as you go back and forth about the worth of life and whether or not it’s ever okay to kill. It’s a tough thing to wrestle with but the author captures the decision in such an inhumane line of reasoning without sacrificing the core of our protagonist.

The illustrations done by Larime Taylor are, at the very least, on par with the text. He easily captures the right style and mood to sell the odyssey of a young woman that’s on the verge of a surefire descent. The details are light, but it’s the subtle renditions of the facial features that really sell the nuances of the entire piece. There were some panels where the individual body parts had some minor fluctuations in their design consistency but not enough to truly hinder the ¬†overall experience.

A Voice in the Dark #6 is a more than solid outing that proves the worth of its premise with a weighty release. This is a top quality comic book that easily comes recommended.

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