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Vampirella #9 Review

Vampirella 9_C
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Does the latest issue have some bite to it? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

In “The Dragon Chariot”, the third chapter in “The Accursed” story arc, fresh outbreak of the dreaded ‘black rabies’-a plague that turns those who suffer from it into raving homicidal maniacs-sends Vampirella and The Kabal’s top field agent, the werewolf Tristan to Athens, Greece, in search of the second Accursed involved in Dr. Faustus’ plan to end the world. The evil alchemist’s co-conspirator is none other than the legendary sorceress Medea, scorned wife of the hero Jason and granddaughter of the sun-god Helios, who was cursed with immortality by Zeus for murdering her own children. Can Vampirella and her new allies stop Medea before she spreads the contagion throughout the world and uncover the identity of the mysterious source of the cursed blood used to create the murder plague?

Vampirella 9_Variant CoverI’ve become addicted to this iteration of the scarlet clad heroine. And I have no one else to blame but the creative team currently at its helm and this latest outing solidifies that fact. What we have here is another helping of high quality material that deserves a spot on your pull-list especially if you’ve shrugged the character off in the past.

Nancy A. Collins continues to pen these adventures and there’s no doubt that this horror scribe understands the material she’s playing with. Her second arc unleashed a mammoth plague on humanity, while the clever author continues to incorporate myth and legend into the growing lore surrounding Vampirella. With smart text and smooth execution the entire comic book comes off with a consistent feel that honestly fits the description of a perfect cup of coffee: not to hot, not too cold instead it’s just right.

The written word may be engaging but the it’s illustrations handed in by Patrick Berkenkotter that are jaw dropping. Each page and panel is littered with brilliant pencil strokes and excellent detail, so much so that it becomes clear that only a keen eye and sharp talent could deliver this level of work month-to-month. Add in the dynamite colors by¬†Jorge Sutil and there’s no doubt that this iteration of the storied icon is, mostly, dressed to impress.

Vampirella #9 is an impressive entry that cuts right to the meat of its arc without sacrificing the nuances of story. To put it simply: this comes highly recommended.

  • + Brilliant visuals.
  • + High quality script.
  • + The plague continues.
  • + More myths and legends.

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