Undertow #3 Review

What will happen when Anshargal’s team meet the Amphibian? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Surrounded by bloodthirsty humans, boiling in their landsuits as the sun rises, Redum Anshargal and Ukinnu Alal’s team comes face to face with a primordial god. He’s never killed a god before, but that doesn’t mean Anshargal isn’t up for trying. The dry frontier takes another life as the pulp monster adventure continues!

Undertow03-Page6Undertow has definitely been a interesting series with it’s unique take on the ever popular subterranean land called Atlantis being very intriguing. The story so far has developed in a very thrilling way with the protagonist Redum Anshargal and his group exploration taking them to land and into the path of a bloodthirsty amphibious creature.

Steve Orlando continuously ups his game with each passing issue with his unique Atlantian tale being unlike any other from this setting. He also does a tremendous job of transitioning between story developments with everything feeling smooth and dynamic. This also allows the story to keep a brilliant pace and tone, which thus allows it to be much more enthralling. If this wasn’t enough Orlando yet again gives us some of the most captivating action with the dramatic and vicious sequences being a marvel to read.

Artyom Trakhanov has truly amazed me throughout this series with his art being both beautiful and gritty. He did however have me worried slightly with this issue as the first page for some reason is much rougher than the rest with it feeling rather rushed, being unappealing to look at. The rest of the issue was as usual stunning, with the layout giving a lot of depth. Trakhanov’s art also had a lot to do with the enticing action, being both exciting and intense whilst also showing plenty of emotion. Added to all this Trakhanov also produces phenomenal colours with the pastel tone giving the perfect finish to his art.

Overtow continues to be a captivating and thrilling read with it’s exciting and intriguing developments making it a must have for anyone who are fans of tales from the deep city of Atlantis. Highly recommended.

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