Undertow #2 Review

Will Anshargal’s team find the Amphibian? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

A Sea Locust: thirty feet of armored spines, claws that strike at the speed of sound. And it’s devastating Ukinnu Alal’s team by the second. They’re talking mutiny on the Deliverer, and Bau Zikia’s the only one standing between them and Uruku’s sword.

Undertow #2 variantThere have been many stories set around the lost city of Atlantis with the most popular underwater destination of writers having become a little overused over the years. In saying that I’ve never read an Atlantis story quite like this with it’s dark and mysterious tone making it a very gripping series.

Steve Orlando handles this location in a very unique and alluring manor, with his script being very deep and having a terrific overtone. He’s also created a cast of characters who are each as interesting as the next as despite Anshargal being the most dominant figure on the page, the rest of the characters have their own interesting personalities which gives variety to the series. Orlando also does a tremendous job of keeping the pace of the story very lively as apart from the last sequence the entire issue was very enthralling having me totally focused on each passing page. The last sequence was however the only thing that let this almost perfect script down as it was very lagging and if it wasn’t for the last page I’d say it was anticlimactic.

Artyom Trakhanov art is simply out of this world and his sharp and sketchy look gives a really gritty feel to the story. The powerfulness of his layouts are simply amazing with these smooth flowing panels giving a intense and captivating vibe to the story. Trakhanov also shows the ferocity of the characters during the action sequences, with Anshargal being a very fierce leader to this group of Atlantians. Combine all this with his breathtaking colours and you have artwork that will have you repetitively flicking back and forth through this issue just to view.

Undertow is a series that has a tremendously clever script whilst also having stunning artwork. The characters are also intriguing with the main character Anshargal having a intense presence. Highly recommended.

  • + Enthralling script from Steve Orlando.
  • + Captivating art from Artyom Trakhanov.
  • + A fascinating group of characters all of whom have very unique traits.
  • - The last sequence was a bit lagging.

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