Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #2 Review

How will Turok deal with the invading English? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE CONTINUES! It is 1210 AD, and destructive invaders – both reptilian and human – have ravaged Turok’s land. Will the outcast Turok defend the tribe that shunned him, or side with these freakish new warriors? Prepare for history-twisting carnage from superstar GREG PAK (Batman/Superman) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan)!

Turok #2 variantWho doesn’t love a tale involving Crusaders, Indians and Dinosaurs? This new series for Turok has been nothing short of outstanding, having the perfect tone for this kind of series. It did however take quite a bit of the opening issue for us to see some dinosaurs, and although I’m not complaining about that it’s nice to finally see more of them in this issue.

Greg Pak continues to breath new life into this classic character, with his script fitting the new look perfectly. The way that Pak has developed Turok as a character over these first two issues has been simply amazing, as he’s shown that despite being considered an outcast he still cares about the tribe. Pak also showed a brilliant connection between Turok and the dinosaurs in this issue, as although it’d be nicer to have seen some dinosaur action it showed yet more maturity on Turok’s part. Despite all this the issue lacked a little in pace, as despite overall being an amazing read there was the odd slow moment that let the issue down a bit.

Mirko Colak‘s art continues to astound me, with his brilliantly detailed panels being a joy to mull over. Colak’s layouts also give a lot of depth and tone to the story, with it helping Pak’s script flow even smoother. He also gives us breathtaking scenery that gives both impact and definition to this tribal world. Despite all this it’d be the characters expressions that impressed me the most, as they gave a dynamic and realistic tone to the story. Combine this with the fabulous colours from Lauren Affe and Turok is a comic that you’ll want to stare at just as much as you’ll want to read.

Turok continues to impress, as despite this issue having a slightly slower pace it still manages to be captivating. Highly recommended.

  • + Badass Dinosaurs!
  • + Mirko Colak kills it on the art.
  • + Impactful last page.
  • - A bit slow at times.

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