Transformers_Windblade 3

Transformers: Windblade #3 Review

Transformers_Windblade 3

Transformers_Windblade 3_alternativeThe penultimate issue of this four part series, Transformers: Windblade #3 does what few third issues do: not only does it move the plot along coherently, it does so in a fun, vibrant manner that remains fresh and lively.

The official description from IDW:

THE FATE OF CYBERTRON! WINDBLADE learns more about the new face of CYBERTRON—and lesson number one is: never underestimate STARSCREAM! She’s trapped in a no-win situation—but what is the scheming DECEPTICON really after, and how far will he go to keep WINDBLADE out of his way?

While it does establish the set-up for a few ‘shock revelations’ in the next issue, Windblade #3 does so in an entertaining manner. Nothing is given away too soon but the issue teases enough information and developments out along the way. It also has plenty of action and a sense of humor that is expected from IDW’s Transformers franchise.

A lot of this is down to the writing, as Mairghread Scott has a firm grasp on the characters. Windblade herself is portrayed as a well rounded robot with strengths and weaknesses – so much so that I forget the contrived issue of gender that comes up in other Transformers titles – that help to establish and integrate her into the setting. Yet Scott supports Windblade with a wider cast of people, often providing more witty background dialogue and interactions that make’s Windblade‘s Cybertron feel very much alive.

Similarly, the title also has some strong visual cues and I’ve really grown to love Sharon Stone’s art style. Her sense of dynamic lines go well with the fluid poses and it offers a more joyful, vibrant interpretation of what Transformers is. Her wide range of color ensures this title never remains dull and Windblade #3 has plenty to see and luck at on each panel. The downside to this is the level of detail seen in other titles, but Stone’s approach focuses more on shapes and color, which is refreshing.

In closing, this is a great third issue and I can’t wait for the finale. As mini-series go this is shaping up to be a rather enjoyable one with no major negatives, with Windblade #3 being a perfect example.

  • + Amazing artwork!
  • + The plot gets in shape for the finale issue
  • + Plenty of charm and character
  • - Doesn't really connect to the wider Transformers storyline...

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