Thanos: A God Up There Listening #4 Review

With infinite prayers to be answered, only time will reveal how much unlike Thanos, Thane really is…

The official description from Marvel:

• At the close of INFINITY, Thane discovered he was the son of Thanos and that his touch was death.

• Now, accompanied by the constantly whispered advice of the Ebony Maw, he wants to discover his father’s history, and his own future.

Thanos A God Up There Listening 4 CoverThane’s trip of self-actualization comes to an end. What has he actualized? Can he be a better man than is father? Or will Thanos actually be proud of his only remaining son?

I have to give it to Rob Williams he really spun this tale in a way I was not expecting. I think it is very appropriate for the characters, and opens new doors for the infinity-born Thane.

Paco Diaz’s art continues to fit perfectly for the story. The color team of Andress Mossa, Sotocolor’s, and Larry Molinar add the vibrance it deserves.

This last cover by Dustin Nguyen finishes the mini-series off right, making it worthwhile to pick up the print copies – even if you already have the Marvel Infinite Comic digital series.

Thanos A God Up There Listening 4 Preview 1

I have to say that I love how Rob was able to make Thane and Thanos different, yet eerily the same. It speaks to the depth of these characters. Thanos has never been a 1-dimensional character, and I believe it is important for the success of Thane’s character with fans that he not just be “Thanos’ son”. He needs to stand on his own. I think Infinity set the character up for success, and through this series, Rob Williams has added the appropriate amount of dimension to make him interesting. I look forward to seeing where Thane’s story is headed – especially after seeing the last few panels of this series…

Thanos A God Up There Listening 4 Preview 2

Finally, as I have been touting the entire 4 issue run – be sure to add this Thane/Thanos mini-series to your collection – you can do so, either in print (now all available), or digitally from comiXology or Marvel Infinite Comics!

  • + MORE Thanos! MORE Thane!
  • + EGO THE LIVING PLANET's plan goes terribly wrong...and it ROCKS!
  • + Great Ending! What will become of Thane?
  • - One last time - I preferred reading this comic as a Marvel Infinite Series.

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