How does a hero cope with the loss of a loved one? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Forty years ago, Duke McQueen was the space hero who saved the universe. But then he came back home, got married, had kids, and grew old. Now his children have left and his wife has passed away, leaving him alone with nothing except his memories…until a call comes from a distant world asking him back for his final and greatest adventure. This issue launches the much-anticipated Millarworld Universe. Get in on the start of something MASSIVE!

Starlight #1 variantStarlight is the latest entry in Millarworld, proving to be yet another worthy addition. The way that the story integrates between the past and the present is simply outstanding, with it’s sleek transition giving a smooth pace to the story.

Mark Millar is easily one of the best writers working in the industry today, and this fanboy’s personal favourite. Going in a slightly different direction than usually, Millar gives us a story that’s much deeper and emotional than his previous work. It’s this that I enjoyed the most about this issue, as despite loving the violence and brutality he produces in stuff like Jupiter’s Legacy and Kick-Ass it’s nice to get something a bit more serious and relatable. It was also nice how Millar sowed the depth of Duke’s life and how he went from exciting battles on another planet, to growing old alongside his beloved wife, only to have to live without her.

Goran Parlov‘s art is simply magnificent, being highly detailed throughout. The layout of Parlov’s art also proves to be brilliant, as despite not being as unique as some artists it does it’s job, helping the story to flow smoothly. It is however the way that Parlov handled Duke’s expressions that appealed the most, as due to this being a very emotional story, it needed this tone to have a visual impact. Besides all this the colours from Ive Svorcina were also terrific, with there soft tone giving the right kind of atmosphere for this emotionally driven story.

Starlight is a fantastic entry in Millarworld, being a very deep and emotional tale of life and heartache. It also shows a previous life of action for our main character with the cliffhanger having me begging for more. Highly recommended.

  • + Emotional opening from Mark Millar.
  • + Fabulous artwork from Goran Parlov.
  • + Enthralling cliffhanger that has you begging for more.
  • - Didn't learned enough about Duke's time in space.

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