Star Wars #15 Review

Is there enough excitement and adventure to keep this era interesting? Or has this comic overstayed its welcome? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Welcome to Arrochar! Enjoy our clean mountain air. Gaze at our majestic vistas. Build a secure base for your Rebel fleet. All we ask is that Princess Leia marry our Prince!

You can take the girl out of the Rebellion, but can you take the rebel out of the girl?

Star Wars 15_Preview Page AThis is yet another entry into familiar space with a slight twist. The creative team has found their perspective on these characters, so much so that they’ve been able to bring in their own narrative strands while maintaining the core of each player. There are some odd moments to be sure but for the most part this is yet another fine jaunt in a galaxy that doesn’t seem that far away.

The script by Brian Wood is the engine that allows this ship to take flight. Honestly the way the author interprets each individual sub-plot, which began in the original trilogy, informs the nuances of this sturdy release. We see the angst and anger of Leia’s recent tactical decision on the two men in her life, neither of which fully understand what their princess is thinking. It can be a bit awkward but through the dialogue and actions therein we get to see a little bit of the trademark darkness that seems forever tethered to the Skywalker lineage.

Stéphane Créty handles the illustrations and I have to say the talent has a knack for this odyssey. There are some off interpretations, specifically in regards to facial formation. But when it comes to style and cinematic poses we have a natural candidate on our hands. The art is realized in ways that inform as the dynamic colors done by Julien Hugonnard-Bert come into play. To sum up: it’s a fitting barrage of content.

Star Wars #15 doesn’t re-write the book on intergalactic affairs but it certainly does maintain a strong footing. Due to the strength of the script it easily earns a recommendation.

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