SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 Review

The world already has a few wall-crawling problems, so do we really need another one? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man in the year 2099 but he’s currently stuck in the year 2014. He was stranded here by his father who is the head of an evil corporation called Alchemax in 2099. But in 2014, Alechmax has just been formed and Miguel has a chance to stop its corruption before it starts! You’d think being a man out of time would make you a man without enemies, but Spider-Man 2099 is about to discover that he’s not the only one hoping for a better tomorrow, one that might be ensured by The Adjustor eliminating Miguel from the time stream altogether.

Spider-Man 2099 1_Variant CoverThis new title had me with it’s recap page. For those of you who were too young to experience the exciting launch of the 2099 books back in the 90s, let me tell you they were silly awesome. And this opening issue took me right back to my ten year old self while I gleefully flipped through with a shocking grin on my face.

Peter David returns and the scribe knows exactly how to pen the adventures of Miguel O’Hara. From the first page to the final panel the author presents a contemporary tale with just enough future shenanigans to get us all involved. He takes the time to foreshadow a few potential romantic entanglements for Spider-Man, though there were sequences where the dialogue just wasn’t as good as it could be: I’m looking at you Tiberius Stone.

The illustrations by Will Sliney are just as strong as the written word, if not more so. Each pencil stroke yields an immensely detailed array of illustrations with a grounded sense of reality. Honestly I haven’t been this floored by a specific talent’s take since Steve McNiven‘s work via Civil War #1. And when you add in the colors by Antonio Fabela the entire display comes to life with a vibrancy that’s second to none.

Spider-Man 2099 #1 is exactly the piece of fiction that I was hoping for. It never disappointed me, not for an instant, as this creative team proved their durability even in the midst of a post-Superior Spider-Man era. Whether you read the original title or not it doesn’t matter because the minds behind this have made sure to keep this accessible as it comes highly recommended.

  • + Carries great art.
  • + 2099 is back in action!
  • + Offers up a lot of possibilities.
  • + Peter David delivers an engaging script.

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