Savage Dragon #202 Review

For a series that’s had some serious ups and downs lately, Savage Dragon #202 # is a dissapointing drop back to the standards of excitement seen in the 200th special. I see what it’s trying to do at points, but there are also a few major thinks that simply don’t fit right. In fact, it almost feels like an attempt to out-do the 200th issue.

The official description from Image:

Stripped of his lightning powers, Malcolm Dragon finds that he can no longer rely on the one thing that kept him alive! Now he faces his most fearsome challenge yet—at a time when he’s at his most vulnerable. Malcolm Dragon fights the Deadly Damsels of the Vicious Circle! Raptor! Vein! Samurai! Insect! Tigress! Volcanic! Climax! Double-Paige!

Savage Dragon_202Yes, there is action and some decent plot in parts of this comic, but it’s the over parts that overshadow it. This issue has similar problems with sex that I’ve mentioned in the past. It’s not just bad fan-fiction; it seperates the distance between the reader and the titular character. When he’s already big green and half-human, there’s not much space to feel familair with already, and this new direction is losing ground with its audience. It’s also rather adult, making it unsuitable for younger readers.

In terms of the writing, I feel Erik Larsen is trying to write from a teenagers perspective, but often goes too over the top for a sense of dramatics. There are some aspects I like there – I feel the resolution between Malcolm and his girlfriend has a heavy point and weight to it, but the one page of resolution is overshadowed by the pages of romping action.

Visually, the artwork is much the same and any graphic detail is equally blamed with the writing’s plot in all honesty. After all, the title has never shyed away from action, so why should other adult scenes be any different? That said, this is the usual standard of artwork, so regular readers know what to expect.

In summary? The action is good and has the kind of consequences Savage Dragon needs once in a while, but it’s wrapped in pointless, overhyped erotica that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • + Some decent action
  • + Few plot developments near the end
  • - Terrible teen troubles
  • - Another sex-filled issue

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  • Pappy Van Winkle

    You’re on point son! The book has taken a huge nosedive since 200 and it sounds like 202 doesn’t help it to get out of the shit storm that has been created.