Samurai Jack #6 Review

Can this aged property still be relevant to a modern audience? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

In this issue: Fans demanded it and IDW delivers – The return of the Scotsman! The humungous highland hooligan and the stoically stalwart samurai team up once again! This time they battle against a bizarre mystic curse that—okay, that part’s a secret but trust us, it’s a doozy!

Samurai Jack 6_Preview Page 2I can’t contain my enthusiasm because this was without a doubt an improvement over what’s come before. The creative team brings in a classic character with a rather comical premise that’ll get people to either roll their eyes or laugh with joy. Trust me I did both, but somewhere in that mix I was transported to my youth as I gleefully watched this hand drawn adventure unfold before my eyes.

The script by Jim Zub is simple and entertaining. He captures what made the original series work while injecting some originality into the proceedings. The result is a comic book that never overextends itself while searching for new territory, as Samurai Jack and the Scotsman take on a gender swap of mammoth proportions. The whole thing does just enough to make its audience believe its worth, but there were instances where I felt the text didn’t push its premise far enough. To sum up: this was a good outing that in the end justified its existence.

The art by Brittney Williams effortlessly captures the style of the original cartoon. In the end I believe the ultimate goal for the visual component is to maintain the feel that fans are familiar with, and that happens, but some of the renditions carry more nuances than people might expect. The talent does a wonderful job translating genders, which believe me is key to the festivities. Add in the colors by Josh Burcham and you have a rock-solid display that does not disappoint.

Samurai Jack #6 is not a revolutionary release, but it successfully carries the torch of my childhood without sacrificing what made the original show a must watch for the young version of me. Recommended.

  • + The script by Jim Zub took me right back to my youth!
  • + Solid visualizations done by Brittney Williams.
  • + Rejoice! The Scotsman is back!
  • - I did want the narrative to go a bit further...

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