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Purgatori #4 Review

Purgatori 4_C
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Our fallen lady is still trying to regain her abilities but should we care? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

With the chalice of regeneration in her hot red hands, Purgatori is one step closer to regaining her powers. But in order to get them back, she’s going to have to return to the fiery pits of hell…this time as a mere mortal. Don’t miss the Hell and Back story arc’s action-packed penultimate issue!

Purgatori 4_Variant CoverWhen it comes to supernatural yarns there have been plenty of worthwhile properties that have delved into the very depths of the underworld. So much so that one might want to see some originality and that’s not the case here. Instead we’re treated with a jaunt that further extends the revitalized Chaos! line. In other words: this outing is what you expect it to be and trust me that’s not a bad thing.

Sakkara may have been born a slave but she’s become something more, as Aaron Gillespie clearly illustrates with a convincing body of text that’s fun from beginning to end. It’s the striking dialogue within this first arc that allows such seamless transition between both modern antics and the sin that lead her down this path. Through consistent words and worthwhile spunk the scribe makes sure to craft something good and engaging while cementing the point that no matter what happens next to her Purgatori is not giving up her quest, period.

For the most part the narrative trajectory is predictably enthralling. So much so that when you add in the quirky illustrations by Javier García-Miranda the whole of the journey comes together. The renditions featured within these pages are exactly what fanboys and fangirls will want from this outing, even though there were a few moments where a handful of pencil strokes failed to impress. But when the colors by Viviane Souza vibe with the written intent the romp pops with life.

Purgatori #4 is not a comic book that’ll re-write its genre. Instead what we have here is a quality penultimate issue built for an odyssey that comes recommended.

  • + Sturdy script.
  • + Had capable art.
  • + Chaos! continues.
  • - It was predictable...

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