The Punisher #7 Review

How will Punisher cope following his life and death experience? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• The international best-selling author of NOT A GOOD DAY TO DIE, KEVIN MAURER joins Nathan Edmondson to tell a story of Punisher in jungle warfare!
• A group of American soldiers are being held prisoner by a South American drug lord, and suddenly a new prisoner arrives…Frank Castle!
• But not all is as it seems on EITHER side of the bars in this jail tale!

PUN2014007-int-1-47572Following last issues shocking conclusion I was curious as to how the creative team would handle the fallout. It was obvious that Punisher wasn’t dead but the dramatic cliffhanger definitely left questions. This issue does show the aftermath but doesn’t really go into detail as to how he survived, just that he did. It also doesn’t explain why the Howling Commando’s let him walk away alive. It does however move swiftly onto a new subject with intense consequences.

Nathan Edmondson is joined by war journalist Kevin Maurer for this latest arc. The No Easy Days co-writer brings his expertise to this military focused story with his addition being noticeable. The way that the story itself is structured really impressed me with the military references being a nice touch. I also really enjoyed the transition in Punisher’s condition as he went from dying to prisoner to aggressor. The addition of Captain America villain Crossbones also added a comic book feel to the story and following the events of this issue I can’t wait to see the two skull wearing characters face off against one another.

We also get a new artist for this story with Carmen Carnero taking over art duties. Her slick, detailed style proves to be a refreshing alternative for the series as though I personally still prefer Mitch Gerards art overall it’s always nice to get a change. The sheer level of quality of Carnero’s art really astounded me with there being awkward imperfections. She also produced stunning layouts that complimented the intense tone of the script with the realistic facial expressions also adding charm. Topping everything off we also get sensational colours from Antonio Fabela and wonderful inks from Terry Pallot.

The Punisher moves onto a new story arc with the addition of Kevin Maurer as co-writer being perfect for this military focused story. Highly recommended.

  • + Kevin Maurer makes for a terrific addition to the writing team.
  • + Carmen Carnero produces intense, realistic artwork.
  • + A military story that allows Frank to act like a marine again.
  • - Didn't address last issues climax much.

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