PAST AWAYS #2 Review

Past Aways – What you expect might happen, may have.

The official description from Dark Horse:


As the grim realities of immortality become too much to bear, the team is called together to investigate a mysterious piece of monolithic technology that has fallen out of time! Plus, the Past Aways’ lives in the distant future are revealed!

* Even more brilliance from MIND MGMT’s Matt Kindt!

* Scott Kolins (The Flash) as you’ve never seen him before!

* Every issue contains bonus backup material!

Past Aways 2 CoverHow do you follow the stupendous PAST AWAYS #1? With issue #2, duh! Even better? They fit together (As seen in this tweet.)

Matt Kindt continues to prove that he has the chops to write any type of story. He has skillfully scripted this time travel story, leaving no stone unturned (unless it would cause an unacceptable level of unturned stones for future generations).

As always, one of his biggest strengths, is writing a team – and this book has one. A highly dysfunctional one, but still a team, that he masterfully crafting. Oh, with only two issues in, we know most of what we need to know about each team member (and their relation to the others). Thank gods for flash-forwards!

Past Aways 2 Preview 5

Scott Kolins. Man. The detail. If Matt is leaving no stone unturned, Scott is drawing both sides. This is just a fantastic set of art, perfectly suited for the story. You really get the impression that this creative team is having a great time creating the imagery for this story.

I feel like I have mentioned this before, but my favorite character is Phil. Scott does such a wonderful job with expressions, how could he not be!

Past Aways 2 Preview 3

This book is definitely worth your time. It has all the things you never knew you wanted in a time travel book. And cliffhangers!

Finally – Please follow both of these fine fellows…@mattkindt and @ScottKolins!

PS. I love this cover.

  • + Another stellar performance from Matt and Scott!
  • + Time travel was never so straightforward!
  • + Scott Kolins rocks every panel!
  • + A Matt Kindt TIME TRAVEL story!

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