New Warriors #7 Review

Should we really care what happens to this squad? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• The New Warriors are pulled into INHUMANITY as their own resident Inhuman, Haechi, is targeted by two different tribes of Inhumans.

• Who are Mister Whiskers and Jake Waffles? Whose side are they on, good or evil? What does Jake Waffles possess that Speedball wants so badly?

• And who is hunting NOVA?

New Warriors 7_Preview PageI’ll be honest, when I first heard of this new volume I had zero interest in it. The brand, in general, only reminded me of Civil War and Penance, but when I discovered that both our current Human Rocket and Scarlet Spider would be apart of the roster I was ready to jump on board. Thankfully that investment turned out to be a wise one as each issue builds on the previous to craft something that carries an epic feel.

Christopher Yost pens a script that’s entertaining from the first page to the final set-up. But the author also manages to unveil believable threats that would require a unique team-up like this one. And in the early days of this iteration he’s made use of the current landscape of Marvel NOW, by introducing a character that’s likable and in the beginnings of his own odyssey. The entire mix works in simple but smart ways that cement this title as something that’s worth your attention and might be considered a must own.

Thanks to this release I’ve become a big fan of the illustrative works of Marcus To. The talent effortlessly captures, from Justice to Hummingbird, the realm of possibilities at play here courtesy of Inhumanity. Through the action delivered via Haechi we get to seem some brilliant pencil work that easily raises the quality of the text. And when you add in the colors by Ruth Redmond the comic ebbs and flows with a purpose.

New Warriors #7 is, once again, the type of book I hope to review for Unleash The Fanboy. It’s a stellar trip with a solid cast that easily earns a recommendation from me.

  • + The New Warriors stand ready to confront Inhumanity!
  • + Marcus To nails it with outstanding pencil work.
  • + The script by Christopher Yost simply rocks.
  • - Carried a few convenient developments...

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