All New Fathom #7 Review

Should this voyage to the depths of the deep blue continue? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe continues!

As the Blue capitol city of Muria lies in turmoil, Aspen, Chance and Killian must form an alliance in an effort to undo the incredible damage that Vana has wrought against the world’s oceans. However, as life above and below the surface continues to suffer as the water temperature drops, is it already too late? Meanwhile, as her plan nears fruition, Vana unleashes her most deadly weapon of all!

All New Fathom 7_Variant CoverIs the comic offered here worthy of the legacy behind it? Right now, thanks to the strength of a worthwhile creative team, as a fan and critic I can say yes. Followers can feel reassured that they’ve accomplished something I thought I’d never experience because when I closed this one I actually felt sorry for Killian.

Frank Mastromauro works with scribe David Wohl to bring this latest under the sea adventure to fruition and the results are quite good. The key thing to take away from this outing is the high stakes play and the tightened dialogue that knows exactly when to enter and expand this current iteration. From beginning to end I was impressed with the literary display and I have no doubt that Fathom is in the right hands as Aspen Matthews and her allies prepare to confront the terror that Vana wrought.

Considering who started this there must be a good deal of pressure for anyone who tackles the art. And thankfully Alex Konat does a fine job delivering his own renditions while keeping the familiar alive. Each panel is detailed enough but never overburdened. And despite a few instances where faces needed more polish the work flowed. Add in the colors by Erick Arciniega and the end result is a believable visual component that does what it needs to do.

All New Fathom #7 is a really good entry that handles the set up for next month’s finale well while playing up the strength that this narrative needs. Recommended.

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