The New 52: Futures End #22 Review

After a month that delved into the world of Futures End is this weekly series still relevant? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

How will the world react to discovering the identity of the masked Superman?

New 52-Futures End 22_Preview CoverIt’s been quite a road but after last month and a handful of consistently engaging and wholly worthwhile outings this title has grown on me. When I first began covering it for UTF I honestly kept waiting for something more to happen within the confines of this shared but devastated universe. And as we enter the next phase of its narrative journey the dark destiny of the New 52 comes more into focus while a noteworthy revelation bubbles to the surface.

Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen work together to pen a script that sees a striking revelation. I’ll admit at this point the inclusion of a certain villain, though which iteration is up for discussion, seemed more than likely. But prior to that finish the authors made room for more events in a version of Earth that’s occupied by two wounded civilizations. Add in the Superman drama and you have a release that’s ripe for angst with just enough progression to win itself an audience and maybe a decent conclusion before all is said and done.

When it comes to the talents that lend their skills to this ongoing comic book Patrick Zircher has quickly become one of my favorites. The illustrator has an innate grasp on the expansive cast, but also bares in mind the weight of the text. You can tell with each pencil stroke that there’s intent and when the colors by Hi-Fi get added to the mix the whole of the display comes together in a fluid series of panels that are bound to please even the most discerning eye.

The New 52: Futures End #22 is a really good outing for a weekly franchise that has seen some high and lows. There are plenty of questions left unanswered but after what’s been unmasked I have to say this next phase rocks so far. Recommended.

  • + A villain revealed.
  • + More details on Brother Eye.
  • + The world knows about Superman.
  • - Certain plot lines feel pushed to the back...

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