My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic #2 Review

Fiendship is Magic is back, this time starring the monster that beat Discord: Tirek! How does this issue fare? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

The first My Little Pony mini-series event! This month-long weekly limited series explores the secret origins of the Equestria’s greatest villains! Tirek’s mad quest for power starts here!


Tirek will forever be known as the most powerful MLP villain to date. In his grand debut in “Twilight’s Kingdom,” we see him take out pretty much the entire cast. Parts of his backstory were hinted at, but for the most part the viewer didn’t know that much about him. This changes here. As I mentioned in my previous review, sometimes a villain doesn’t need a backstory. Sometimes we just need to know they’re evil, and that’s that. Sometimes also however, a backstory can truly flesh out a character, as was the case with King Sombra. Tirek’s issue is definitely very engaging, and sadly ends way too quickly.

Christina Rice writes a story set a long time ago, way before the Mane 6 arrived on the scene. Here we have a teenage Tirek, whom is interested in the dark. The atmosphere feels very different than the MLP comic we’re used to reading. It serves as a great look into the life of a character before he became the near-invincible monster. We see also the relationship between him and his brother Scorpon, who was mentioned in the Season 4 finale. Sendak is an interesting character, though with only 32 pages there wasn’t enough time to explore just exactly who he was. Also, the mysterious stallion he kidnapped bears a striking resemblance to Luna, to the point where I thought he was the Princess. It’s not clear if this was meant to be on purpose or not.

Tony Fleecs’ art is very good throughout. Obviously with this being more of a serous story simplistic visuals with no hint of comedy were welcome The main cover by Amy Mebberson is solid, though one really has to look at it to make out what Tire k is wearing, because at first glance it looks like a judge uniform. Like last issue’s subscription variant, Sara Richard returns for a pretty piece with Fluttershy. It has nothing to do with the story, but it’s quite beautiful.

Overall, Tirek’s issue is solid read from beginning to end. It’s gives backstory to a great villain. Though, the way it ends makes the reader wish it were graphic novel size, because the writing makes the reader want to read what happens afterward when he overthrows the kingdom. In essence, it feels incomplete with the knowledge that there’s no second part The significance of the pony isn’t properly explained unfortunately, as well as his bizarre Luna-like appearance. (Basically, if the Princess was a stallion.) Still, if you enjoyed ‘Twilight’s Kingdom’ and are a fan of Tirek, pick up this comic.

  • +Interesting backstory
  • +Tirek
  • -Pony is not explored properly
  • -Ends rather abruptly/feels incomplete

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