Mind MGMT #27 Review

In the world of Mind MGMT, simple, seemingly inert objects, can mean the difference between immortality and instant death.

The official description from Dark Horse:

New York Times bestseller!

Deep in South America, Meru receives training from the oldest living agent of Mind Management and, in the process, gets a peek into what the Management was really like in the mid-twentieth century!

* Filling in the gaps before the end!

* The AV Club’s best series of 2013!

“Readers will not be able to put MIND MGMT down for a second.” —Bloody Disgusting

Mind MGMT 27 CoverAgain RE: this official description – Two things…

First, I once again left in the quotes from other sites – my sentiments exactly. Second, once again it mentions “South America” – while this is the rumored birthplace of the first Immortal, Meru actually finds and speaks with him elsewhere – in Greece!

Well, under Greece, in a fairly elaborate hidden sanctuary.

Matt Kindt takes us deeper into the rabbit hole…

In this issue, we learn even more about the early days of Mind MGMT, the origins of the First Immortal, and the terribly deep, dark, disturbing agency secrets he has been keeping for more years than Meru has been alive…

Mind MGMT 27 Preview 2

And how is Meru taking all of this?

Pretty well, considering… These are the answers she has been searching for, whether she knew it or not. This information transcends all that she was allowed to learn from Lyme…or what Lyme felt was safe for her to learn… either way you slice it, she leaves the First Immortal armed with everything she needs on the journey ahead. Or at least we hope so!

Mind MGMT 27 Preview 1

This issue is a fantastic continuation from the last. We catch an even deeper glimpse into the amazing life of Sir Francis, a fascinating character we have only just been reintroduced to…that’s right, his first appearance actually came much earlier on in the series, as an issue #3 Second Floor addendum on the front and back inside covers.

Do you remember the Inside Front and Back Covers for Issues 1 and 3? If not, you should! Go give them a re-read…

Finally, I just have to say, this issue’s art is AMAZING. Like, over the top amazing. There are so many FANTASTIC half to full splash pages, just ASTONISHING work. Beautifully perfect pieces of art. WOW.

Oh, and you may feel a certain familiarity with the art in this issue… Déjà vu or not, it is likely due to the fact that Matt LIVE-TWEETED the creation of this issue on Twitter. Another STUPENDOUS feat from the unmatched creator! In fact, here is one of the last tweets from that series, depicting the last stage of the process (coloring). Heck, here is the first in the live-tweet series – And of course, I encourage you to look through all the tweets in between…

So, as you know, I can go on and on about the awesome that is Matt Kindt storytelling, but I leave you with this…Mind MGMT #27 has a scene that appears in one of Matt’s early works, 2 Sisters. As in this tweet, he states, just…

…from slightly different vantage point. #shareduniverse

Bravo, Matt – this issue has surpassed all expectations!

And I can’t believe we are less than 10 issues away from series end!

  • + Amazing twist for the "new" character!
  • + Matt Kindt is untouchable in the industry!
  • + Remember the Inside Front and Back Covers for Issues 1 and 3? You Should!

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