Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #4 Review

Has Peter Parker really returned from the grave, and if so what will happen when he meets Miles again? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• What more do you need?

MMULTSM2014004-int-LR2-1-98977Miles Morales continues to prove why he’s the Ultimate Spider-Man. Though it may not be for much longer as he squares off against the Green Goblin. In the same spot where Peter Parker died at his very hands. Put the supposedly resurrected Peter Parker into the mix and we get something truly phenomenal, with the odds being evened.

Brian Michael Bendis is a writer who gets a different response from fanboy to fanboy, with some loving his work, and others hating it. One thing that most people agree on however is just how good his work on Ultimate Spider-Man has been over the years, and especially since Miles took over the mantle. In this issue Bendis gives us excitement, humour and mystery all at the same time. The intense battle between Miles and Osborn really brings the energy that I love about this series, with the mysteriousness behind Peter’s “return” adding more drama. In addition to this Katie’s interaction with her sister teases that she may have some hidden secrets herself.

David Marquez never fails to amaze with his artwork, giving phenomenal artwork all the time. With lively layouts, and intense action, Marquez really adds a whack load of energy to Bendis’ script. He also captures the emotional turmoil that Katie is in, also capturing the shock and awe during the news broadcast. Justin Ponsor‘s colours also add to the lively atmosphere of the issue, being vivid and vibrant throughout.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man takes a drastic turning point, leaving us with more questions, and more anticipation. Highly recommended.

  • + Can Miles survive the Green Goblin?
  • + Brian Michael Bendis at his best.
  • + David Marquez always delivers mesmerizing artwork.
  • + Would the real Ultimate Spider-Man please stand up?

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