Uncanny Avengers #25 Review

Does this increase or lower the anticipations for AXIS? Read on to find out

The official description from Marvel:

AXIS tie-in!
• The dark path to AXIS starts here. An event two years in the making!
• The Red Skull and his S-Men have already begun the great vanishing, The Uncanny Avengers are too late.
• Havok witnesses the Skull’s greatest atrocity yet.
• Magneto vs Red Skull blood match that will result in a terribly altered Marvel Universe.

Uncanny Avengers #25 variantAXIS is growing nearer and nearer, with Uncanny Avengers #25 being one of the best preludes I’ve ever read. Having a mixture of emotion and symbolism, as well as brutal action, this issue really shows the risk that the Red Skull poses, with Magneto reverting to his old ways to prevent history repeating itself.

Rick Remender has been building this story for some time now, and over the last couple of issues he’s really taken things to a new level. Though the Magneto focus may seem a little inappropriate for a Uncanny Avengers issue, especially seems he has his own series, the powerful nature of his actions made up for this tenfold. Remender also showed the characteristics of the Unity Squad members involved brilliantly, with Wanda being reminded exactly what her father is capable of. If that all wasn’t enough, we are left with an enticing final page that’ll leave readers even more excited for AXIS.

Daniel Acuna returns to art duties on this issue, with his painted art as ever being a fabulous reflection of Remender’s script. The dynamic layout of his art really allows the excitement to ooze through this tale, with the scenery working perfectly alongside. Acuna also gives an intense look to Magneto’s actions, with the intensity allowing this sequence to be even more memorable. Despite his grand pencils, and striking inks, it’s the vibrant colours of Acuna that really catches the eye, with the vivid reds and blues, and dark blacks giving great tone to his work.

Uncanny Avengers has been doing a great job of setting up AXIS, with this issue having me even more excited for next week. The Magneto focused tale also allows for a very emotional, and symbolic look into what’s to come, with it having an intense climax. Highly recommended.

  • + A symbolic tale befitting Magento's presence.
  • + Rick Remender is gaining momentum leading into next weeks AXIS #1.
  • + Daniel Acuna makes a triumphant return to art.
  • + Last page will leave fans more excited for AXIS.

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