All-New X-Men #33 Review

Can Miles help the X-Men return to their universe? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Traveling to alternate universes seems to be a rite of passage for any young mutant calling themself an X-Man…
• And it looks like it’s the All-New X-Men squad’s turn to pass the test! But will it Ultimately be too much for the time-displaced youngsters?
• Guest starring MILES MORALES, this is a showdown you won’t want to miss!

All-New X-Men #33 variantHaving made improvements over the last couple of issues I’m slightly saddened to see this series slip in quality again. There is however still a silver lining to proceedings, as things are still better than they were prior to the X-Men’s trip to the Ultimate Universe. Despite this the issue still feels as if it’s trying to do too much, with most of the developments feeling rather flat.

Brian Michael Bendis continues to frustrate me with this series, as for every great idea he’s had lately, there’s always been something equally as upsetting to counter that. The main thing I disliked in this issue was the fact Iceman used powers that his older self has. Though the idea of copying this is smart, I felt it came all too sudden, with it being more realistic for him to pick this new talent up in stages. Despite this Bendis did give some awesome development with Jean and Miles, with Ganke also adding some light entertainment.

Mahmud Asrar continues to do a solid job on the art, with there being a fluid flow from page to page. It is however the sheer detail of Asrar’s art that really captivates me, with the sequence featuring Iceman and the Moloids being particularly eye catching. He also gave us a wonderful full page splash that was a brilliant homage to Fantastic Four #1. I did however find his rendition of Miles a little underwhelming, as though far from terrible, it just didn’t feel right. In addition to this we got fabulous colours from Marte Gracia, who delivers a vibrant mixture of tones.

All-New X-Men #33 may not be quite as good as the last couple of issues, but it’s still proving an improvement over the event prior to the X-Men’s trip to the Ultimate Universe. Recommended.

  • + Miles and Jean give some interesting developments.
  • + Mahmud Asrar produces some sensational art.
  • + Nice homage to Fantastic Four #1 within.
  • - Iceman learns new powers too quickly.

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