Hulk #6 Review

Can Doc Green defuse A-Bomb? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• The surprising new direction continues after ORIGINAL SIN!
• Can Rick Jones survive “Doc Green’s” Gamma cure?
• A secret behind the “antidote” revealed!

Hulk #6 variantWe’ve got a new persona for the Hulk, and it’s Doc Green. I always love when Hulk gets changed up a bit, as though it doesn’t always work out, it’s always an avenue worth exploring. This change into Doc Green however has been awesome, in a way reminding me of the Grey Hulk from Peter David‘s run. Doc Green does however look to be something entirely different, with the line, “Don’t call me Hulk. That makes me angry…” being very clever play on words.

Gerry Duggan has quickly proven to be the kind of writer that Hulk needs, as though it’s the events of Mark Waid‘s Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man that has turned our green friend into what he is, it’s the way that Duggan runs with this that really captivates me. In addition to the psyche of this new Hulk, the fight between him and A-Bomb and the teaser of who’s next really injected excitement and tension into this already great tale.

Mark Bagley has been killing it on Hulk, with the former Ultimate Spider-Man artist bringing this gamma fueled tale to life. Though the most noticeable part of Bagley’s art throughout this issue is the action, it was the way he shows the cunning calculation on Doc Green’s face that impressed me most, with it adding a ton of atmosphere. In addition to this, the layout of Bagley’s art also helped things stand out, and along with Andy Hennessy crisp inks, and Jason Keith‘s vivid colours it really gave a lot of punch to this explosive tale.

Hulk is definitely on the right track, with this Hulk hunting Doc Green proving to be a unique direction to send our green monster in. Highly recommended.

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