Will Batman manage to work alongside the Riddler to stop Calendar Man? Read on to find out.

Batman takes his war on crime to the next level, but he needs the help of his greatest ally – The Riddler?!

Detective Comics Futures End #1 3DThe New 52: Futures End spills into the surrounding DC Universe, as they utilise this years anniversary event to give an insight into where all our series will be at in 5 years time. This comes with a lot of weight, as for fans who don’t follow the main event, this may be off putting. This isn’t the case with Detective Comics however, as though it’s far from perfect, the event itself has nothing to do with this.

Regular co-writer Brian Buccellato handles the script for this issue, seeing Batman team-up with the Riddler to take down Calendar Man. Taking elements from both Detective Comics Annual #3, and the Zero Year story this irregular dynamic duo give us some entertaining moments, with the interaction between the two being very entertaining. I also found the futuristic look to be very intriguing, with the new Bat-suit, and layout of Gotham City being very enticing. Despite this it lacked the certain energy that the series has had since Buccellato and Francis Manapul took over, with the ending being all too sudden (though clever).

The artwork on this issue is divided between Scott Hepburn and Cliff Richards, with Fabrizio Fiorentino producing a page. Accompanying this art we get colours from Buccellato (who contributes to Hepburns art), and Lee Loughridge (who contributes to Richards art). Both sets of artist did a fabulous job respectively, creating very eye catching art. Unfortunately however both styles didn’t really work together, making the tone feel muddled. Nevertheless, the overall atmosphere was intense, with Buccellato’s colours giving a similar tone as to the main series.

Detective Comics: Futures End is a fun one-shot tale, as though the sudden ending and mismatch art is off putting, the Batman/Riddler team-up is awesome. Highly recommended.

  • + Batman and Riddler team-up is more than fun.
  • + Brian Buccellato give a fun one-shot tale.
  • + Nicely tied in to both Detective Comics Annual #3 and Zero Year.
  • - Ends a little too suddenly.

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