Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #2 Review

How will X-23 react to Logan’s death? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Featuring X-23!
• When X-23 learns about the death of the man who has meant so much to her, who has shaped her purpose, her motivations, her LIFE…will she revel in the fact that her mission is over, or will she go ROGUE?
• And what does this mean for her relationship with the All-New X-Men?

Death of Wolverine The Logan Legacy #2 variantDeath of Wolverine left us with a rather questionable ending, but the true horror of last week was the start of The Logan Legacy. Luckily however this issue turns things around, as though it’s far from perfect, it’s much better than last weeks opening issue, which was essentially an extended preview. In all fairness however this was the issue I was looking forward to, with Laura’s actions being brilliant throughout.

Tim Seeley has been doing a wonderful job both on Batman: Eternal and with his independent series, with Hack/Slash still being my favourite work from him. It’s this that made me excited that he’d be handling the X-23 side of this series, with the end result being very impressive. Though the subplot of X-23 wander felt rather random, and dull at times, the symbolism behind this tale really did impress me. I also loved how we got to see her resentment towards Logan, as well as learning why she got gold and blue streaks in her hair.

The artwork however left me in two minds, as though Ariela Kristantina did a good job, it was far from perfect. The main thing that I disliked was how rough X-23’s claws were, as though a little roughness has never put me of a comic before, I felt that the claws didn’t feel threatening enough. Despite this Kristantina does a wonderful job, giving some fluid and dynamic layouts. Laura herself is also handled brilliantly, as bar the claws, she looked her usual badass self. The colours of Sonia Oback also helped liven things up, with the mixture of dark, and vivid colours allowing Kristantina’s art to really pop.

Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy may have started on the wrong foot, but this second outing certainly starts to turn things around. It doesn’t do enough to change my mind on the upcoming Wolverines weekly series, but it has given me hope that this series will pay fitting tribute to the fallen hero. Recommended.

  • + X-23 kicks some ass.
  • + We learn why Laura got streaks in her hair.
  • - The general plot was a little dull.
  • - The art though good, didn't feel punchy enough.

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