Logan is dead! But how will his legacy stand? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Wolverine—the greatest X-Men ever—is dead!
• With this mutant powerhouse now permanently out of the picture, various factions of both good and evil are scrambling to fill the void left by Logan’s death!
• Will Wolverine’s Legacy be shaped by heroes who valiantly fought alongside him …or by those villains treacherous enough to have challenged him over the many years of his long life?
• The answers will be revealed in this special 7-issue limited series that spins directly out of the mega-popular DEATH OF WOLVERINE!

Death of Wolverine The Logan Legacy #1 variantThe delay in schedule of Death of Wolverine has meant that some of the aftermath series have also been affected. This ultimately means that as Logan dies, his legacy automatically starts live on. Bringing Sabretooth, Daken, X-23, Lady Deathstrike, Mystique and Elixir together, Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy shows how now that Logan is dead, that his closest foes and allies will be the subject of Cornelius’ experiments. Even if Cornelius himself isn’t involved.

Death of Wolverine writer Charles Soule opens up this series, that will see rotating creative team throughout, with Soule returning for the final issue. I have to say however that as this aftermath event starts I am already disheartened. Though there are some clever concepts throughout, I can’t help but feel that this is too much of a preview issue, teasing how the following issues will reveal the connection of these characters. I also found the general vibe of this issue to be out of place, as apart from the emotional vibe from X-23, there seemed to be little reflection as to what Logan meant to these characters (apart from the obvious distaste from Sabretooth).

Having been spoiled by Steve McNiven‘s art on the main Death of Wolverine series I always knew that whoever worked on this series would have a lot to live up to. The art on this issue however really disappointed, as though Oliver Nome shows skill, his rough, block style just doesn’t suit these characters, with the Daken/Sabretooth fight near the start being very jarring. Despite this I did like the way the artist drew Sabretooth in general, with his layouts also giving an energetic flair to proceedings. The colours from John Kalisz do however pop, giving a very vibrant feel to the exciting opening, and a dark tone to later events.

Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1 shows some interesting concepts for how Wolverine will affect the Marvel Universe going forward. Despite this the execution is slightly underwhelming, with the issue feeling more like an extended preview. Due to this I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this issue.

  • + Interesting concepts.
  • - Rough, blocky artwork that is plain jarring.
  • - Lacks a sense of excitement.
  • - Feels too much like an extended preview.

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