What will cause Deadpool and Captain America to team-up in Logan’s name? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Did you know Wolverine is dead?
• I bet some people would love to get their hands on his DNA to clone him…
• Logan’s old pals Deadpool and Steve Rogers are gonna make sure that doesn’t happen.

Death of Wolverine Deadpool & Captain America #1 variant 2Since Deadpool’s team-up with Captain America and Wolverine in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly I’ve been praying for some form of follow-up. Unfortunately this has came at the hands of Logan’s death, with Deadpool joining Cap in a mission to rid any remaining traces of Logan’s DNA from the world. Having a fun, and exciting premise, this proves to be a fitting tribute to Logan, capturing the essence of Deadpool at the same time.

Deadpool co-writer Gerry Duggan handles the script for this one-shot tale, giving us a fun and quirky look into the afterman of Logan’s death. Having captured the characteristics of Deadpool time and time again, I had great faith that Duggan would give us a sensational tale. It is however the way that he gives tribute to Logan himself that impressed me the most, with the flashbacks, and references allowing for some engaging moments. There was also the usual Deadpool humour, as though slightly diluted, it showed the difference between these two character nicely.

The artwork on this issue was also amazing, with former The Flash artist, Scott Kolins doing a fantastic job from start to finish. Capturing the fun tones of Deadpool, whilst also showing the seriousness of Cap, the artist really manages to balance the different tones. He also gives us some amazing action, with his layouts throughout allowing for some exciting moments. I wasn’t however a fan on Kolins Black Widow, with her likeness feeling a little outdated. We’re also treated to some wonderful colours throughout, with Veronica Gandini‘s palette giving a vibrant finish to Kolins’ art.

Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America #1 has to be the most entertaining aftermath to the Death of Wolverine that I’ve read yet, with the quirky antics of Deadpool allowing a lighthearted look into Logan’s demise. It also has some thrilling action, and some humorous references, coming highly recommended.

  • + Deadpool and Cap team-up in an exciting tale.
  • + Gerry Duggan gives a fitting tribute to Logan.
  • + Scott Kolins art is fun, quirky and above all enthralling.
  • + An ending that'll leave you questioning the outcome.

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