Daredevil #8 Review

Will this issue prove as creepy as the cover suggests? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Matt Murdock takes on his first big case in his new hometown–and the opposition is killer!
• Daredevil is faced with a menace he has no idea how to fight–the Purple Children!

Daredevil #8 customWhat a cover. Having a very Village of the Damned and Children of the Corn like vibe to it, this cover is creepy in an enticing way, teasing the possibility of a more horror themed tale. Which is pretty much the case, as though the issue doesn’t read like a Stephen King book, the Purple Man’s children are as creepy as either of the aforementioned groups.

Since he took over the reigns of Daredevil over three years ago, Mark Waid has been producing one astounding tale after another, with the mixture of B-List villains and controversial developments having me hooked to each issue. This however proves to be some of his best work yet, with the chilling vibe throughout both the opening and closing sequences being very enticing. Waid also continues to develop the Matt/Kirsten relationship brilliantly, with the introduction of her father adding another layer of interest.

Chris Samnee also continues to show his brilliant storytelling skills, with his lively layouts and emotional character expressions adding so much depth to this tale. He also manages to add atmosphere and suspense through the scenery and action, with it really adding to the spooky overtones. It is however new colourist Matthew Wilson who steals the show here, with his dark tones, and vivid purples allowing these children to be even more sinister.

Daredevil is always a safe bet when it comes to picking you comics for the week, with Waid, Samnee and new colourist Wilson giving a grippingly chilling tale. Highly recommended.

  • + If you love creepy tales, then this is for you.
  • + Waid and Samnee are one of the best storytelling teams in comics.
  • + New colourist Matthew Wilson produces dark tones and vivid colours.
  • + Always nice to see B-List villains.

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