Captain America #25 Review

Will this series end in glory or failure? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Extra-Sized Issue!
• Who is the All-New Captain America?
• The conclusion to the story that began in Dimension Z as Zola strikes in unison with The Red Skull!
• The final fate of Jet Black!

Captain America #25 variantWho is the new Captain America? Seriously Marvel? As if you need to give us a cover that asks this. In the words of the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, “there’s literally no drama left in this reveal.” Putting that aside, Captain America #25 does a great job of giving us the changing of the guard we were promised, and though there were a few negatives within, this was amazing.

Rick Remender does a great job of setting up the future of Captain America, but fails to give a sensational conclusion. The main problem that I have about this issue is that too much effort is spent on the future, with the whole Zola aspect, and even the changing of Captain America’s feeling like second fiddle. Despite this the issue did showcase the future, with the epilogue teasing what we might get in All-New Captain America.

Carlos Pacheco handles the artwork on this series one more time, bringing his run on the series to a fantastic end. Joined by inker Mariano Taibo and colourist Dean White, Pacheco gives a very granduous end to this series, with the amazing scenery and wide panelling allowing for a very intense finish. Pacheco also does a wonderful job of showcasing the new Captain America suit off, and along with the vast collection of superheroes this gave a very punchy vibe. All-New Captain America artist Stuart Immonen worked on the epilogue, with his art showing us things to come.

Captain America #25 may not be the best ending to a series ever, but it does do a good job of setting up the replacement series. Though the concluding events feel a little rushed, the energetic tone, and premise of things to come really have me enticed for things to come. Due to this the issue comes recommended, but if you’re looking for a jump on point then I’d recommend waiting till All-New Captain America starts.

  • + Carlos Pacheco gives us a visually granduous finale to this series.
  • + Rick Remender sets up future events brilliantly.
  • - Does Marvel really need to question who’ll fill Steve’s shoes?
  • - Concluding events come to an abrupt end.

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