Captain America #24 Review

How will Cap and the Avengers handle Zola’s invasion of New York? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

The Tomorrow Soldier part 3! The MARCH to AXIS continues!
• Zola unleashes the hyper-mutates on New York!
• Jet Black and Falcon vs Zola to the death!
• The Red Skull’s long game revealed, as the road to AXIS begins here!

Captain America #24 previewThe penultimate issue of Captain America is here, as Zola continues ahead with his invasion in the lead-up to AXIS. Having a lot happening throughout, the issue tries to do a lot of things, as bar the prior mentioned facts, it also sees Steve Rogers in his second to last issue as Cap. Despite this he focus is clearly starting to shift towards Sam, as bar being a main feature on the cover, we see him take the fight to Zola himself, and make a heroic decision.

Rick Remender has grabbed my full attention over the last few issues, and continues to do so here. I did however find the downplay on Zola’s invasion to be a bit disappointing, as though the connection between this and Red Skull’s plans that’ll lead into AXIS was clever, it does lessen the impact of Dimension Z. Remender does however utilise the character perfectly, with Zola being very strong and imposing, and Sharon looking older and weaker. It is however Sam’s heroic that impress me the most, with his actions in this issue having me more eager for the release of All-New Captain America.

Carlos Pacheco and Paul Renaud handle the art in this issue, and though the addition of a second artist does lower the overall quality of the visuals, the similar styles allows for a smooth, consistent flow. The main thing that stood out to me was how much both artists managed to pack into each panel, as though overcrowding can be a hinderance, in this case it proved to add an extra layer of dynamic. In addition to this Dean White and Sonia Oback‘s art allow the art to sing, with their punchy, vibrant colours allowing the visuals to stand out.

Captain America makes it’s final preparations before the big change, with the explosive events proving very enticing. Highly recommended.

  • + Sam shines out as the hero he is.
  • + Rick Remender gives explosive, and exciting developments.
  • + Lively art from Carlos Pacheco and Paul Renaud.
  • - AXIS' prominence has taken away a bit of Zola's thunder.

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