Captain America #23 Review

How will the Avengers handle the threat of Zola and Dimension Z? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

The Tomorrow Soldier part 2
• Zola has waged war on New York!
• Without a Captain America to lead them, can the Avengers stop the Bio-Fanatic’s plot for revenge?!
• The Falcon faces a dark secret from Captain America’s past!

CAPA2012023-int-LR2-2-0610cSince the drastic events of Captain America #21 which saw the good Captain lose the super soldier serum that runs through his veins, the series has really been on a high. This issue is no different, with the golden armoured warrior from Dimension Z being a shock for Cap, as well as a formidable foe for the Avengers.

Rick Remender has been doing a fine job on Captain America since he started the series in late 2012, as though it’s not been his best work, it has been enthralling. He has however been upping his game as of late, with the transition between Steve and Sam in the Captain America role being a very dramatic one. Despite being action packed, it’d be the shocking revelations that had me hooked, with the identity of the golden armoured warrior, and the appearance of another character on the final page having me excited for the next issue.

Carlos Pacheco has been doing a fine job of the artwork since taking over from John Romita Jr. as main artist, though his work on these last couple of issues has really blown me away. The attention to detail that he’s put into the last couple of issues has been very impressive, with the exciting action also flowing smoothly. Pacheco also gives us wonderful facial expressions, capturing the tension and emotion of certain sequences brilliantly. Along with this we also get sharp consistent inks from Mariano Taibo, as well as vivid and intense colours from Dean White.

Captain America has really upped its game, with these most recent developments having me hooked for the remaining two issues in the series. Highly recommended.

  • + Invaders from Dimension Z.
  • + Rick Remender is producing his best Cap scripts.
  • + Carlos Pacheco amazes with his detailed art.
  • + Shocking climax.

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