Booster Gold is Back! But can this one-shot give fans the experience they deserve? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Trapped out of time on a world that defies reason, Booster Gold struggles to escape the fate that has held him and so many forgotten heroes captive!

Booster Gold Futures End #1 3DA rather strange entry in the Futures End event, as we get a one-shot that’s literally a one-shot (as in isn’t taken from a current series). Ever since the end of Justice League International Annual #1 (which was published over two years ago) the question has been: what happened to Booster Gold? Starting to get answers to this, we get a rather confusing tale that doesn’t just tease event from Futures End but upcoming weekly Earth 2: World’s End.

Dan Jurgens scripts this one-shot and from start to finish the events seem rather confusing. It is however this confusion that makes Booster Gold: Futures End #1 such a gripping read, with the time hoping A.R.G.U.S. agent Booster from the future going down a mysterious path. The interaction between A.R.G.U.S. Booster and younger Booster also proved very intriguing, with the revelation from young Booster actually making me want to try both weekly’s.

Normally I detest multiple artists working on the same issue. Especially when it’s as many as Booster Gold: Futures End #1 has. This isn’t the case here, as despite there being moments were the art clashes, the general look was pretty consistent. Colourist John Kalisz also had a lot to do with the art being fluid, with his consistent colours giving a smooth transition between the various artists, whilst in itself also giving the vibrant finish that a Booster Gold tale needs.

Booster Gold: Futures End #1 is a fun one-shot that any Booster Gold fan will enjoy, as though it may be a bit confusing, it’s this confusion that gives the story it’s charm. Recommended.

  • + Booster Gold is back!
  • + Teases future events for both World's and Futures End.
  • + Dan Juegen creates a weird, yet exciting tale.
  • - May prove too confusing for some.

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