Black Widow #10 Review

What happened in Natasha’s past to cause Hawkeye to come after her? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Because you demanded he shows up in more than just two panels: Black Widow v.s. Hawkeye!
• Plus, how could their fight cost Isaiah his life?

Black Widow #10 previewBlack Widow has been feeling very much like a team-up book as of late, as having had Bucky Barnes and Punisher grace it’s pages, with X-23 set to make an appearance Natasha isn’t short of company. This issue sees our favourite archer, Hawkeye enter the fray, showing a time when Natasha was an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D., and how her actions have came back to haunt her.

Much like his run on The Punisher, Nathan Edmondson has had me hooked to ever moment of Black Widow, with this spy, thriller being very intense. The way in which Edmondson utilises Natasha’s past to shape her present is a very intriguing one, as though I personally much rather seeing Widow and Hawkeye working together, their similar skill sets also make them the best of foes. The sheer intensity, and suspense of the issue also had me gripped, as where it lacks in dialogue it makes up in excitement.

Phil Noto constantly amazes me with his artwork, having created some of the best Black Widow panels I’ve ever seen. This continues throughout this issue, as working from Edmondson’s intense script, Noto delivers quick paced, and lively layouts. He also packs a lot of detail into the surrounding scenery, and along with his washed out colours it gives an almost cinematic vibe to this tale. Additionally Noto also builds tension through the character expressions, with some in particular turning the drama up tenfold.

Black Widow continues to entice, with sins of the past affecting the present. Highly recommended.

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