Batman/Superman #13 Review

How will Batman and Superman handle the world now that they have no memories of who they are, or where they are? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

A new arc begins following the events of “FIRST CONTACT.” The worlds of Batman and Superman come to an explosive clash as something terrible happens to the World’s Finest team, and a Dark Knight who is not quite himself must team up with Lois Lane to find a missing Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle encounters a person of amazing strength who has no idea who he is.

Batman Superman #13 variantBatman/Superman has taken our iconic duo on a strange, yet exciting journey so far. Everything however seems to return back to Kaiyo, with Darkseid’s trickster toying with the Dark Knight and Man of Steel over the course. Her most recent trick however has been to once again wipe their memories. Though this time instead of just recent events, it’s their entire existence, with both characters waking up in what they believe to be a strange world.

Greg Pak does a terrific job of showing Batman and Superman adjusting to their recent mind wipe, with both characters getting thrown into drastic situations. The awkward interactions from both characters, along with the way they react to the environment really bring a refreshing curiosity to the series, with the addition of Catwoman and Lois Lane making things all the more interesting. Despite all this there was a part of me that was like, “is that it?” Having taken the time to set-up an atmosphere, and in a way introduce characters to a setting meant that the issue wasn’t overly eventful, despite still being awesome.

Jae Lee returns to art duties on this series, with the elaborate artist bringing his unique style back to the series interiors. As ever Lee leaves me with mixed feelings regarding his work, as though along with colourist June Chung the general finish is nothing short of beautiful, I still find certain elements of his art to be a little too strange. The most noticeable one is the characters hair, with the waviness feeling unnatural and jarring. His layouts, and flair for drama on the other hand bring a lot of energy to the story, with the overall result being very appealing to the eye.

Batman/Superman finally start to show the gripping elements that I loved about the opening of the series, giving a unique new direction for it to go in. Highly recommended.

  • + The memory wiped Batman and Superman were very intriguing.
  • + Greg Pak gives an uniquely curious twist to this series.
  • + Jae Lee's art is beautiful
  • + Left me wanting more.

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