Batman and Robin #35 Review

What will the Bat-Family do as Batman journeys into Apokolips? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

“Robin Rises” continues as Batman begins his trek on Apokolips to recover his son’s body. But will he walk alone?

Batman and Robin #35 variantI have to say that I’ve been loving Robin Rises so far, and though this entry isn’t quite to the same level as the previous issues, it’s still good enough to keep me interested. The main thing that I enjoyed about this outing was the way the Bat-Family planned to follow Batman into Apokolips, with the issue clearing up the cover image for the next issue (that shows Batgirl, Red Hood and Red Robin all wearing the Robin colours).

Peter J. Tomasi has really taken the series to new heights since Robin Rises started, with the series being at it’s peak. He has however dropped the ball ever so slightly, with the quality dropping to what it was prior. The main problem with Tomasi’s script in this issue is the sequences featuring Batman, with it feeling a little awkward at times. Nevertheless the developments on the Bat-Family side really saved this issue from being dreadful, making it all and all a solid entry.

Patrick Gleason‘s art has really improved over the course of the series, as though I found his art slightly jarring in Death of the Family, I can’t get enough of it now. The most impressive part of Gleason’s art is ironically the worst part of the script, with his visuals in Apokolips, and the Hellbat being absolutely stunning. Despite this he also gave some fun, lively panels during the Bat-Family sequence, with the Robin suits looking very sleek. Rounding off the art we once again have Mick Gray on inks and John Kalisz on colours, with Gray giving some crisp finish to Gleason’s pencils, and Kalisz palette allowing for a mixture of light and dark tones.

Batman and Robin #35 is a solid entry in the series, keeping me firmly hooked to the Robin Rises arc. It does however fail in captivating me with Batman’s journey into Apokolips, with the Bat-Family really saving this issue.

  • + The Bat-Family work as a cohesive unit.
  • + Patrick Gleason's art really pops out the page.
  • + The Robin suits are awesome!
  • - Batman's journey into Apokolips felt a little awkward.

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