Batman: Eternal #29 Review

What has happened to Batwing and John Corrigan since we last saw them? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Hell is bursting out of Arkham Asylum, and the only being that can stop it is The Spectre – but first he must stop himself from razing all of Gotham City!

Batman Eternal #29 textlessLast time Ray Fawkes handled an arc for this series I was more than disappointed, with everything feeling substandard. With this new arc however he does a complete u-turn, with the result being one of the most enthralling entries in this weekly series. Returning to Batwing and John Corrigan, as well as showing what Joker’s Daughter is up to, this issue really livens things up, giving a thrilling sense of peril for certain characters.

Joining Fawkes we get Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV working on the plot, with Kyle Higgins and Tim Seeley as ever acting as consulting writers. Though I touched slightly on how Fawkes has given a complete polar opposite performance, it’s the mystery and excitement that really drew me in, with the time pressure put on out characters only adding tension. Despite this there was a part of me that felt too much was happening at once. Though I’d gladly have that over what Fawkes produced in his last arc.

Simon Coleby handles the artwork on this issue, giving some very engaging layouts. Between his dynamic layouts and engaging character positioning, Colbey really manages to capture the eye. His intense facial features, and exciting action also manage to liven things up, with the scenery also being magnificent. Despite this I did find certain panels to feel a little flat, and though Romulo Fajardo Jr.‘s colours may have had a hand in this, it was still unpleasant. Despite this Fajardo Jr.’s colours perfectly suited the tone of this story.

Batman: Eternal is continuing to be an amazing series, with Ray Fawkes producing his best script on this series to date. Between the drama, suspense, and character depth there’s a lot to draw readers, with the art also appealing. Highly recommended.

  • + Ray Fawkes writes his best script on this series to date.
  • + Batwing gets thrown in the deep end.
  • + Simon Coleby gives some very engaging illustrations.
  • - A little too much going on at once.

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