Batman: Eternal #27 Review

Will this issue put Batman: Eternal back on track? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

In the grips of martial law, the criminal underground is going berserk – and the only person who can stop it is…Catwoman?!

Batman Eternal #27 previewFollowing a rather horrific attempt at renewing Hush’s origins we are brought back to current events, with Batman teaming up with Catwoman, whilst Killer Croc goes in search of Jade. What I really enjoyed about these developments was the little things, with the likes of Spoiler’s letter to Batman or the appearance of Flamingo being very enthralling.

Leading the way on script dutie is Tim Seeley, and as always Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV join to work on story, with Ray Fawkes and Kyle Higgins acting as consulting writers. Having handled the majority of Killer Croc’s developments throughout this, as well as a part of Catwoman’s, it was nice to see Seeley spread his magic, as though I’d have loved more development on the Hush side, I’d take this over last weeks issue any day. In addition to this Seeley also does a wonderful job of introducing new players, yet again giving some good reasons for Catwoman’s inevitable transformation.

Javier Garrón handles the artwork throughout this issue, with the soon to be Cyclops artist doing a fabulous job throughout. His energetic layouts, and fluid sense of atmosphere allows for a quick increase in pace, with there being some very intense moments throughout. He also gives us some very dramatic moments, with the character expressions conveying the current nicely. Romulo Fajardo Jr.‘s colours also prove eye catching, with the use of texture and highlights allowing for great tone throughout.

Batman: Eternal #27 may not be the greatest entry in this weekly series, but following the horrific performance of last weeks issue it’s hard not to enjoy this outing, with the developments being very enthralling. The teamwork, or lack of between Batman and Catwoman also proves an added bonus, with a few extra bonuses allowing for some enjoyable moments. Recommended.

  • + Javier Garrón produces some exciting art.
  • + Tim Seeley quickly puts things back on track.
  • + The small things mattered.
  • - Due to being overly set-up focused, there wasn't enough room for spectacles.

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