Batman: Eternal #24 Review

What will happen when Stephanie confronts her dad? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Spoiler goes head to head with her father, the deadly Cluemaster – and the fate of Gotham City hangs in the balance!

Batman Eternal #24 previewSPOILER ALERT: Batman: Eternal #24 is awesome! Having looked forward to Stephanie Brown’s Spoiler debut in the New 52 for some time now, with the final page of Batman: Eternal #20 only heightening my anticipation, I was so happy that it didn’t suck. Befitting her name, Stephanie confronts her father in what proved to be a thoroughly entertaining sequence, wit her actions spoiling Cluemaster’s day.

Ray Fawkes handles the script for this issue, with Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV working on the story, and Kyle Higgins and Tim Seeley acting as consulting writers. Though I feel Spoiler’s first outing has escalated the development between her and Cluemaster to a premature ending, the events of this issue proved exciting beyond belief. Being very symbolic throughout, with brilliant narration like dialogue, Fawkes’ dramatic script proved enticing to say the least, leaving this Spoiler fan eager for more.

Andy Clarke handles the art on this issue, with the art team continuing to rotate between some of comics rising artists, and an array of legendary Batman artists. The detailed, textured pencils that he produces, along with the sharp, bold inks prove as inviting as ever. His layouts give a smooth, and energetic flow to the issue, with the character positioning allowing for depth and drama. The art is also given a dark overtone from Blond, with his punchy colours allowing Clarke’s art to leap off the page.

Batman: Eternal #24 is one of the best issues the series has produced so far, with Spoiler making a brilliant superhero New 52 debut. Even if events were escalated. Highly recommended.

  • + Stephanie Brown plays the Spoiler!
  • + Ray Fawkes delivers a symbolically gripping issue.
  • + Andy Clark's art is both powerful and textured.
  • - Escalates certain developments to a premature conclusion.

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