Batman: Eternal #23 Review

What will Catwoman do when called upon by an inmate of Blackgate? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Catwoman’s secret past has been revealed, and it’s dragging her toward Blackgate Penitentiary! What is her place in the natural order of crime? Only she can decide.

Batman Eternal #23 previewBatman: Eternal has been running for twenty three weeks now, and though some people may have found it hard to justify paying $2.99 each week, I personally have found the series to be very enjoyable. Though it’s had it’s ups and downs, the series has generally been very good, with the multiple stories allowing for near infinite possibilities. On the flip side with so much going on, it can feel like ages between certain developments.

Tim Seeley handles the script for this issue, with Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV as ever working on the story, and Ray Fawkes and Kyle Higgins acting as consulting writers. Though we get the conclusion of the Batman/Architect fight, it’s Catwoman who steals the show here, with Selena’s encounter with her father being the perfect set-up to the teased events from Batman #28. These developments along with the destructive actions of Hush has me eager for next weeks issue, with Selena’s development also having me tempted by Catwoman now that it’s getting a new creative team.

One thing that I’ve loved about Batman: Eternal is the rotating art team, with the different styles giving a varied look to the series. This issue sees legendary Batman artist Dustin Nguyen once again handle the art, with his gritty style fitting this Catwoman centred tale perfectly. His dramatic layouts also give a lot of depth to the issue, and along with Derek Fridolfs inks it gives an intense look to the tale. Nguyen’s art is however enhanced tenfold by John Kalisz colours, with the mixture of dark and light tones helping set the atmosphere perfectly.

Batman: Eternal continues to be a winner, with this issue having me more intrigued about Catwoman’s involvement. Highly recommended.

  • + A wonderful issue centred round Catwoman.
  • + Tim Seeley gives great background regarding Selena’s future.
  • + Dustin Nguyen once again astounds with his gritty art.
  • - The Architect fight was drowned out by Catwoman's appearance.

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