Batman: Eternal #21 Review

Who possibly would want to harm Alfred? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

After being injected with Fear Toxin, Alfred is dragged away to Arkham Asylum!

Batman Eternal #21 previewBatman: Eternal may have had it’s ups and downs, but in all fairness this is expected with a weekly. It has however mostly followed the former line, with the most recent story arc being very entertaining. This made my anticipation, and speculation of this issue all that more abundant, wondering what road it’d go down, and if it’d live up to the same level of quality as the last arc.

James Tynion IV takes the lead on this issue, and with Scott Snyder joining him on story, and Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley and the new addition of Kyle Higgins joining as consultant writers. Before I get into the mainly positive comments regarding this issue, I thought I’d touch on the more disappointing areas. Both of which were quickness issues, with Falcone’s release and Bard’s promotion to Police Commissioner feeling all too sudden. Despite this, the issue gave good developments, with Bard being involved in some intriguing and one of my favourite Batman villains finally entering the New 52.

Jason Fabok returns to handle the artwork on this issue, with the artist who launched the series doing a spectacular job as ever. Being exquisitely detailed throughout, along with the dramatic layouts allow for a very intense vibe for the issue, with the character expressions, and body language making things all the more dynamic. It was however the way Fabok introduced the prior mentioned Batman villain that impressed me the most, with the sheer impact making this fanboy smile. Joining Fabok, we get very enticing colours from Brad Anderson, with his intensely vibrant colours helping give an extra edge to these visuals.

Batman: Eternal continues to amaze, as though some developments feel too soon, the sheer intensity more than makes up for this. Highly recommended.

  • + Introducing yet another brilliant Batman villain to the New 52!
  • + Tynion IV gives gripping developments.
  • + Jason Fabok gives an intense vibe to this issue.
  • - Certain developments felt too soon.

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