Batman: Eternal #19 Review

Can Red Hood bring Batgirl come back to reality? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Jason Bard and Batman are forced to help Killer Croc when his followers are attacked by demonic monsters from The Black Maze!

BMETRL-19-4-a9584Batman: Eternal took an exciting leap forward in last issue, following a rather disappointing run of events. Continuing to excite, this issue sees a continuation of these events, with Red Hood trying to bring Batgirl back from her hypnosis, whilst Batman, Jason Bard and Killer Croc search the sewers, and Jim Gordon helps Warden Zorbatos deal with a prison riot.

Tim Seeley once again handles the script for this issue, as Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV work on the story, and Ray Fawkes and John Layman act as consulting writers. Much like last issue, Seeley gives us a thrilling series of events, with the Red Hood/Batgirl fight being particularly enthralling. In addition to this the mysterious overtones to the other developments, along with some proper evidence surrounding Jim Gordon’s predicament really appealed to me. I did however still find that the vast amount of different developments took away from the overall energy, feeling it’d be better with less going on.

Former Talon artist, Emanuel Simeoni takes on his second issue of Batman: Eternal, once again doing a fabulous job. The detail of his art, along with the layouts proved to be very captivating, with the shading giving more depth and definition. Simeoni also gave some intense action, with the Red Hood/Batgirl fight almost exploding off the page. Combine this with his astonishing take on Killer Croc and it’s hard not to love this talented artists work. We also yet again get striking colours from Blond, with his dark and vivid colours perfectly matching the tone of the story.

Batman: Eternal continues to give us an exciting and fun tale, with the Red Hood/Batgirl fight being more than impressive. Highly recommended.

  • + Batgirl vs. Red Hood… 'nuff said!
  • + Tim Seeley continues to give intense developments.
  • + Explosive art from Emanuel Simeoni.
  • - Too much going on for one issue.

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