Amazing X-Men #12 Review

What will happen now that the Wendigo curse isn’t confined to Canada? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• This is it! The conclusion to WORLD WAR WENDIGO!
• Will the combined forces of the X-Men and Alpha Flight be enough to save an entire nation from this deadly, cannibalistic plague?
• And how do the GREAT BEASTS fit into the mayhem that surrounds Canada?

Amazing X-Men #12 previewWorld War Wendigo comes to an end, and though the story has been completely different than I originally expected it to be, it has truly amazed me. As conclusions go, this isn’t hasn’t been the best, with there being some small problems that stopped it from excelling. The main one was the way in which the X-Men gain extra powers, as though initially intriguing, it seemed to take away from the characters themselves. The way Wendigo was defeated on the other hand was awesome, as though a little too sudden, it was very clever.

Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle‘s return to the X-Men has been very impressive. Packing tons of energy into this concluding issue, you definitely couldn’t say that this was dull. I also loved the character interaction, as well as the dialogue from Wolverine near the end. There was however a slight mix-up with the lettering from VC’s Joe Caramagna, with certain dialogue being in the wrong place. I also felt that some aspects move a little too quickly, as though I for one enjoyed the more classic style of storytelling, it did feel a little rushed near the end.

Carlo Barberi is joined by Iban Coello to produce the artwork on this concluding chapter, with Coello working alongside Marc Deering, Livesay and Walden Wong on the inks. Having done an amazing job over the course of this story, Barberi doesn’t fail to deliver here, with his fun, energetic panels being as enthralling as ever. I especially enjoyed how he managed to pack as much as possible into each one, with it never feeling overcrowded. Combine this with the vibrant colours of Rachelle Rosenberg and you get some visuals that are well worth mulling over.

Amazing X-Men‘s second arc comes to an end, with World War Wendigo delivering an exciting, all be it sudden climax. The artwork also as ever excites, and I know I for one can’t wait to see Yost return to this series. Highly recommended.

  • + Yost and Kyle bring excitement once more.
  • + Some clever moments throughout.
  • + Carlo Barberi and Iban Coello produce amazing art.
  • - There was a certain development to the X-Men that I wasn't a fan of.

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