Amazing X-Men #10 Review

How will the X-Men handle a Wendigo Wolverine? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• As the Wendigo virus runs rampant through Canada, one of the X-Men falls prey to the deadly plague!
• Guest-starring Alpha Flight!

AMX2013010-int-LR2-2-6cb4cAmazing X-Men continues to impress as World War Wendigo takes a drastic turn of events. With the Wendigo virus now spreading to X-Men’s own Wolverine, the team have to find a way of stopping their friend without seriously injuring him. At the same time they’ve got tons of other infected to deal with, whilst the Avengers man the Canadian/US border.

Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle have been doing a wonderful job since they took over the series, as though as a whole this isn’t their best X related work, it’s still awesome. The energy and excitement that they pore into each issue, along with the curious question of how the X-Men will solve this problem really makes for a dramatic read. The addition of nearly every Canadian Marvel character also makes this an entertaining tale, reminding us just how many great Canadian heroes there are.

Carlo Barberi also continues to do the artwork, being joined by Iban Coello for this issue. The energetic layout of their art, along with the general fun vibe really helps enhance the quality of this story, allowing the reader to easily become immersed. The character expressions are also handled superbly, with it conveying the stressful situation that the X-Men are in perfectly. The duo are also joined by the wonderful Walden Wong who along with Coello produces tremendous inks, and Rachelle Rosenberg who as ever gives vivid colours.

Amazing X-Men continues to be a fun and entertaining read, with this latest issue having me hooked for the next. Highly recommended.

  • + Wolverine is Wendigo?
  • + Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle continue to produce a fun tale.
  • + Exciting art from Carlo Barberi and Iban Coello.
  • - Maybe just a little too much going on.

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