Justice League 3000 #10 Review

Can this reborn team of heroes possibly survive their latest test? Should you even care? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

Don’t miss the JLA3K’s final battle against the fury of The Five!

Justice League 3000 10_Preview PageI think for many fanboys and fangirls out there they carry some innate reactions to certain team properties. Whether it be the Avengers or the Justice League we all have our opinions, good or bad, locked in place. They’re based on current and past iterations of these superhero squads, but for me, I’m a sucker for alternate realities or futuristic interpretations of these iconic characters. And that’s exactly what we get in this monthly, so it goes without saying I’m happy to start covering for UTF.

Keith Giffen handles the plot and breakdown with J.M. DeMatteis on scripting duties. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash, more or less, find themselves on another world with the villains eager to chase them down. For the most part the written word, as delivered by its author, manages to handle its structure well. And when the action starts and The Five arrive the speed, humor and versatility of the scribe becomes apparent. To sum up: I enjoyed the story from Etrigan to the split Wonder Twins.

The visuals handed in by Howard Porter do exactly what all titles like this require, it balances the personalities of the players involved. The talent effortlessly crafts an engaging landscape that fits within just about anyone’s specific expectations. There were instances during some long-winded explanations where an overabundance of detail distracted from the proceedings but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Add in the colors by Hi-Fi and there’s no doubt in my mind that this release stands ready with a fitting display that’s bound to please.

Justice League 3000 #10 is a good outing that has some rough aspects to it. But that doesn’t stop this part of their adventure from becoming an engaging trip in its own right. Where this all goes from here I honestly have no idea but I’m invested in it as this comes recommended.

  • + Offers a striking array of dynamic visuals.
  • + Justice League 3000 gets interesting.
  • + Carries considerable developments.
  • - The pace was rather inconsistent...

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