RoboChuck #3 Review


Can this small independent series continue to thrill? Read on to find out.

The official description from TurtleBunny Productions:

Released in print at San Diego Comic Con and coming to comiXology this week, RoboChuck #3 delves even deeper into the conflict and starts to introduce the origins of Piczar, CGs, and even the World of Entertainment.

Image_4RoboChuck may be a small, independent series, but golly isn’t it good. The fun and charming nature of the series, mixed with the mysterious sub-plot really makes it easy to dive into. The series also has a very diverse cast of characters, with the uniqueness of each one making the series all the more engrossing.

As ever series creator Chris Callahan handles both the script and art on this series, giving yet another entertaining caper. The way in which Callahan creates a fun and entertaining vine throughout, whilst also adding dark and mysterious tones really helps the series to cater to a wider audience, with there being something for everyone. He also does a brilliant job of creating tension, and adding subtle humour, with the character dialogue being thoroughly enjoyable. Despite this there was a part of me that wanted to see more of Inksplat’s plan, feeling that there was possibly too many development points for one issue.

The art that Callahan produces on this series is also amazing, with the varying tones making the series constantly fresh. I also was once again astonished by the differences between the Flats and the CGs, with the different artistic techniques showing just how much CG has changed the cartoon world. Despite this there are areas of the art that just feel awkward, with some CG toons not fitting next to the Flats. Despite this the general energy and vibrance that the art produces makes it easy to enjoy over and over again.

RoboChuck continues to get more and more mysterious, with this fun independent series being a must have. Highly recommended.

  • + Chris Callahan has created a thoroughly enjoyable series.
  • + It's easy to get hooked by the vibrant art.
  • + Varying tones keep the story constantly fresh.
  • - Needed more Inksplat!

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