Nameless #3 Review

Will this weird tale continue to captivate? Or is it becoming too strange for it’s own good? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

As the exploration of vast structures on the surface of the asteroid Xibalba begins, more nightmarish secrets of a prehistoric cosmic war come crawling into the light. What soul-destroying truth lies buried in Xibalba’s immense tunnel network? What malignancies lie dreaming there? What is human? And what is NOT?

Nameless03-Preview-If you want a strange sci-fi story, that’ll make your brain explode with wonder, then Nameless is the comic for you. Though the elaborate plot, and wacky events may be offputting to some, they have more than enthralled this reader, with each issue adding more depth to the overall story. This continues in this third issue, with the stupidity of the crew making Nameless’ job harder by the minute. All the while playing into the hands of the malevolent asteroid, Xibalba.

Grant Morrison is a writer that leaves fans divided, as though he’s been revered for bringing revolutionary tales, some have proven too complicated for the average fan to understand. That being said, he is a creative genius, and though it’s not always obvious what he has in mind, when the pieces unfold, they usually leave us with a masterpiece of storytelling. This is the same with this latest issue, as he creates a dramatically driven story that is fuelled by dramatic twists of fate.

Though the story has been more than intriguing, it’s been Chris Burnham‘s art that has impressed the most over these first few issues, as without it, there’s a part of me that wonders if this story would even grab my interest. That being said, the gritty, yet detailed panels that Burnham produces certainly allows for an immersive look, with the more gruesome moments mesmerizing. Nathan Fairbairn‘s colours also as ever enthral, with the mixture of dark and vibrant tones allowing for great depth and texture.

Nameless continues to blow my mind in ways that are hard to put into words, with this psychedelic sci-fi being captivating at every corner. It also manages to mesmerize with it’s brutal twists of fate, and though the concept may be too crazy for fans to understand, it’s definitely a series that should be given a try. As if you like it, you’ll more than likely love it.

  • + Crazy developments.
  • + Gritty detail from Chris Burnham.
  • + Nameless is surrounded by idiots!
  • - Still a little confusing at times.

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