Ghosted #18 Review

The odds are stacked against Jackson and company! But can they overcome them? And is this a comic worth picking up? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Anderson has been haunting Jackson ever since she died. What is she really here for? Find out this issue!

Ghosted18_Page2Things are certainly heating up in Ghosted, as with Markus forcing Jackson and his crew to join him in his quest for death, and Anderson’s unsurprising betrayal, the story is becoming more exciting than it’s ever been. The way that the series continues to push the boundaries of horror also amazes, with the criminal elements that come from Jackson’s con man persona retaining an intriguing vibe to proceedings.

The sheer genius that is Joshua Williams, never ceases to astound, as though not every issue manages to captivate, there has yet to be one to majorly disappoint. That remains true with Ghosted #18, as though there wasn’t a great deal of plot development, the chilling vibe and shocking cliffhanger certainly enticed. The character interaction between Jackson and Markus also remains as intense as ever, with Anderson’s actions being rather surprising for a change.

The artwork that Vladimir Krstić Laci has created over these last couple of issues has also impressed, as though it may not be the prettiest art on display at Image, the gritty tone certainly fits this tale. Delivering a somewhat psychodelice, and most definitely creepy tone to the ghosts, Laci certainly shows tremendous passion, with the dramatic flair also enticing. There’s also great depth in the scenery, and along with Miroslav Mrva‘s colours it allows for a brilliant sense of realism.

Ghosted #18 takes things up a gear, with Markus’ wicked schemes, and the shocking cliffhanger mesmerizing. The wonderful character interaction, and gritty art also proved more than impressive, and should leave readers vying for more.

  • + Shocking climax.
  • + Chilling art.
  • + Wonderful character interaction.
  • - Overall plot doesn’t progress much.

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