A Game of Thrones #24 Review

A Game of Thrones comes to an end! But will the series end in glory? Or will it end in the mediocre way it has proceeded throughout? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

FINAL ISSUE!!! Driven by the need to avenge his father’s murder and clear the name he himself is not permitted to bear, Jon Snow breaks his solemn vow and deserts from the Night’s Watch-an action for which there is but a single penalty: death. Meanwhile, Eddard’s heir, Robb Stark, seeks to rally his bannermen, not all of whom are eager to follow the young, unproven leader, no matter whose son he may be. And Daenerys, grief-stricken at the death of her husband, Drogo, builds a great funeral pyre to consume the hollow remnants of her life . . . only to find herself present at the fiery birth of a new age.

A Game of Thrones #24 previewIt seems like a lifetime since Dynamite‘s adaptation of A Game of Thrones started in late 2012, but finally the twenty-four part tale comes to an end. Having been drowned in mediocrity since it’s first issue, I’m surprised that Dynamite has stuck the course, as though I commend that they’ve given a complete tale, I can’t help but feel this series would’ve been better buried. That being said, this final issue does give some intriguing moments, capturing some of the suspense the novel and TV series showed.

All and all, writer Daniel Abraham has done a decent job of adapting George R.R. Martin‘s classic tale, as though there have been many times where I’ve felt he’s stuck a little too close to the source material, he has still managed to capture to tone of the series. That being said, even going into the last issue, I can’t overlook the lagging narrative, with the transition between it and the dialogue feeling a little awkward. Despite this, the series does somehow manage to end on somewhat of a high, with the final sequence being truly gripping.

The facial expressions may be a little jarring at times, but Tommy Patterson‘s art remains the highlight of this series. Having a dynamic flow, that is only hindered by the text, Patterson allows a little bit of energy to enter this chapter. His detailed pencils, and crisp inks also remain as sharp as ever, giving real depth to the more dramatic moments. The dark, almost sombre tone of Sandra Molina and Ivan Nunes‘ colours also give great depth to the art, complimenting the atmosphere within this tale wonderfully.

I’m sure that it’ll be a relief to most fans that this series is finally at an end, and though I’d love another Game of Thrones comic (assuming it was done right), I think it’s best to leave the world of Westeros and the North to HBO and Martin’s own series of novels. As for A Game of Thrones #24 itself, I say keep your money, as unless you’ve been following this series, it’s not worth giving it a try now.

  • + End on somewhat of a high!
  • + Fabulous art from Tommy Patterson.
  • - Sticks too close to the source material.
  • - Lags a little at times.

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